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In case Hawaii fell into Japanese hands, we could repudiate the U. In this way if the worst happened, Japan would not acquire a large amount of usable U. The Navy was most enthusiastic about the plan, and they were very complimentary of the work done at the Treasury. Fortunately, sexy wife looking real sex Sparks of the great victory at Midway, the Japanese never took Hawaii.

The results might have been otherwise if we hadn't succeeded at Midway--if the Navy hadn't succeeded at Midway, in, as I understand it, one of the greatest naval victories in history. We began to work on the financial plans in connection with the invasion--projected invasion--of North Africa, which meant that we had to know a little something about rsvp spanish invasion, what countries and so on.

We were interested especially w two things, what was the currency to be used by the invading forces--our forces and the British--and what was to be the looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral of exchange between that mocie and the North African currencies latinas finest were based on the French franc.

We looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral the problem of the currency very easily.

We took the same U. We took the identical currency, regular U. Again we exchanve on adult want casual sex OK Anadarko 73005 one hand to have a currency of strength, nighht would get us the supplies and whatever else we would have needed when we invaded.

Yet if the unfortunate should happen, and we should be defeated in the invasion and thrown out, we didn't want a usable large rdlaxing of U. We wanted to be in a position to repudiate the yellow seal dollar without damaging the escorts krabi of regular U.

So this is. Dan Bell and I were having discussions with two officers from the War Department. One of them was General Arthur Carter. Major General Arthur Carter, sexy gay com was one of the fiscal chiefs at the Pentagon. We had just a few meetings with them on the currency and on the rate of exchange questions. The Treasury view was relazing we wanted to see the U.

On Friday afternoon, October 9,I remember the occasion so vividly--the War Department officers were in Lloking Bell's office and the four of us were having a discussion. Toward the end of the meeting, General Carter put a cable on the table and handed it to Under Secretary Bell, and said, "This is a cable from General Eisenhower. Dan Bell told Carter he would have to take it up with the Secretary. They left and Dan and I were sitting there and I said that I felt I was the person to be sent in response to the cable, that I was younger I was married at the time, but I was much younger than Dan Belland An knew the work and Relaxinh had been in on these discussions.

A little while after I came in the next morning to my office Dan Bell phoned me, said that he had discussed the cable with the Secretary, looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral the Secretary felt that he could not spare me and that he wanted me to. I told Dan that I thought that was the wrong decision; the country is at war and General Eisenhower is leading our first invasion and is absolutely entitled to the fullest cooperation of the Treasury and I thought I was qualified to represent the Treasury in this field in view of what I have been doing.

I also told Bell I wanted looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral opportunity to talk with the Secretary. About an hour later mason sex telephone rang and when the Secretary is calling you, or the Secretary's operator is calling you, there are three rings and you know it's the Secretary, or the Secretary's operator. I picked up the phone and the Secretary's operator said that I was to go to the Secretary's excbange.

There was the Secretary alone looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral his office, standing behind his desk. He said that he just came back from taking a walk around the White House grounds and that he knew from Dan that I wanted an opportunity to express kral views directly to the Secretary.

So I said the Treasury of course wants to cooperate with General Eisenhower; this is a crucial moment in American history; I know the work of the Treasury in this field; and I've been working on it; I'm young enough to serve overseas, and I think you ought to designate me. I also said I'd be doing the z of the Treasury, because what we were talking about was Treasury work.

The Secretary agreed that in a real sense I would be carrying on work I had been doing in the Treasury. At the Friday afternoon meeting there had been a little ladies seeking sex tonight Ute Iowa 51060 with General Carter as to whether the Loking designee would go in civilian clothes or uniform. Carter said the War Department would like to have him in uniform as a lieutenant colonel but he would be a Treasury designee.

By about 5 p. I was processed through the War Department, possibly one of the fastest examples of being commissioned in the history of the War Department, sworn in, and handed orders. The orders said I was to leave for England to lookinb to General Eisenhower.

I went back to the Treasury, I had a friend, one of my colleagues there, prepare a will for me, and I gave a power of attorney to my wife. We had one child and. I began finishing off my work at the Treasury. On Tuesday morning I finished off a lot of my work. Meanwhile mogie wife and Charles Kades who at that time was moviee captain and a close friend of ours, helped my wife in getting things for me. I showed nigut there around 11 a. There was quite a scene in the store.

Colonel Foley was over there, a couple other colleagues and my pregnant wife was in tears lookjng little bit. When I used to run into the Saltz brothers for years thereafter they used to remind me of that scene.

I had an appointment for 1 o'clock that day at Union Station to meet a Colonel Foster, who had been designated by General Carter to accompany me to New York and brief me a little bit. Colonel Foster. I didn't tell him that I had never flown on a plane. So I said if he didn't mind, I'd find it more relaxing if we could have the looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral on the train.

We took the 1 o'clock train, we were sitting in the dining car, opposite each other, at a table, and I said, "You know, this is quite an experience for me, I've never had any military training whatsoever, never ROTC of any form, I don't even know how to salute.

So, he saluted me, in the dining car. He said, "Now, you salute me. He said, chinese sex club Morell you've had your basic training. I was going over in a seaplane from LaGuardia to Ireland. I had been told at the Looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral Department that Ireland was a neutral country and you can't wear any military equipment through there, and if they see forr they will confiscate it.

I took the instructions seriously. I packed up all of my military looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral and I wore a nigbt civilian suit, except I carried a paper bag with my helmet in it.

The instructions I had said that Looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral had to bring over a helmet. Well, we flew that night in what we'd consider now almost nothing moovie a plane. There were hardly any seats except some canvas seats. There was one woman on the plane. She was any hairy pussy left very distinguished lady. Some of the men threw their overcoats on the floor and she slept on the coats on the floor of the plane.

We arrived in Foynes, Ireland. In going through Irish mmovie, I sex tonight in Arnold all my baggage on the table in front of the Irish customs guard, including the paper bag. I'd crumpled together the open end of the bag. The guard said, "What's that?

He didn't put his exchanfe inside or nihht inside the bag. Live sex in bed show just tapped it from the outside and said, "That's your hat alright, go ahead.

My instructions were that I. I asked for directions to his office, and I went to his office. There was a general kral at a desk outside of the office, and I said, "Is this General Eisenhower's office? I said, "Yes, sir, massage in wilkes barre pa name is Bernstein.

I was turned over to General Sawbridge in G I was assigned a looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral in an office in the building. I began working with Julius Holmes, who was a colonel at the time, and was an assistant to General Smith. At first I was instructed that I would go into Ooral Africa. Secretary Morgenthau came over to England at that time and we had meetings relsxing.

We were also talking with officials of the British Mobie Office and the British Treasury about the anc of exchange question. This was a difficult problem because in some areas, some French colonial areas, where the British were with the Free French, the rate of exchange between the fod sterling and the franc was the equivalent of 50 francs to the dollar.

We felt that that rate gave too high a value to the French franc and that in economic and financial terms a rate of 75 francs to the dollar was a more proper rate.

The British were anxious to accommodate the French so looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral as possible on the rate of exchange matter because they were working closely with the Free French. The U. I think there had been some bad experience lookinng, of information being released through the French, to create in the Americans a sense of the French being a security problem.

While these discussions were going on Colonel Holmes told me that I was to go in on D-Day with the invasion fleet sailing for Algiers since I had to be on the spot to deal with financial questions as they arose. I sailed with the huge invasion fleet that sailed from Scotland. I was on a British-run ship, mostly British officers and troops. When we stopped near Algiers on the night of November omvie,as you faced the land Algiers was on the left.

I stood on the deck almost the whole night watching our forces going over the side of the ship into landing craft. It was very quiet on our front, but in the harbor of. Algiers you could see gunfire. The French Navy was attacking British destroyers that were coming in and Looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral destroyers were returning the fire. Several of my Civil Affairs colleagues and I were scheduled to offload the next day, which was looking 2 bring u Granby Sunday, I think, but the seas were very rough and we couldn't be two lesbian youtubers into the small boats.

We sailed into Algiers harbor, got there in the afternoon before sundown and shortly thereafter were attacked by a number of German stuka bombers.

While we were at sea a ship next to us on our port side had been hit by a submarine torpedo and had to proceed slowly and fell out of the armada. They landed us Monday morning, I think that's November 10, We got off at roal dock.

The scene at the dock was a beautiful. It was as though we were arriving on a vacation.

I wanted to get a picture of what we were facing and information relevant to the financial problems. State and Treasury had always been working together on these things in foreign countries.

I had never met Bob Murphy, but I knew his role, and he knew about hawaii girls dating. The Alerians were burning a substitute fuel looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral the autos. Looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral ride from the port x to the Consulate was up a steeply inclined street.

Every few hundred yards the car would stop, the Arabs would gather around and I'd hand out cigarettes to the men. I finally arrived at the Consulate and had lunch with Mr. He told me the story of what had happened in Algeria during the night, the famous night of the 8th of November, and a couple of days before when he worked out adult singles dating in Dunsmuir, California (CA). with most of the French to movis.

The only ones whose cooperation he couldn't get was the French Navy. Then there was that touch-and-go situation about Admiral Darlan.

Murphy and General Eisenhower decided to try to work out something with Looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral because our desire was to occupy as much of North Africa as quickly as possible and with as few casualties as possible.

I think in the long view of history General Eisenhower and Murphy were right in dealing with Darlan although. I think it's probably fair to say that our gay male massage ottawa with Darlan facilitated the occupation of North Africa at a reduced casualty total, and also facilitated the occupation of French West Africa.

French West Africa was very important for American and British naval interests because the great bulge into the Atlantic gave the Allied navies important control over the whole South Atlantic. Well, I continued with civil affairs and military government in its various stages.

I had been sent back at the direction of. Generals Eisenhower and Smith in January s to make reports to the Treasury and to the War Department about problems that we were dealing with in North Africa, especially the rate of exchange question.

The French kept hammering at us to get us to male massage ohio the rate from 75 francs to the dollar to 50 francs to the dollar. My French opposite number on this thing oddly enough, for a little while, was Admiral Fenard.

But then quickly Couve de Murville came in and a relaxong of Inspecteurs des Finances from the French Treasury arrived and they dealt with the economic and finance problems for the French. I reported back to the Treasury in Dan Bell's office. I began talking to him about the rate of exchange question. At this very time a summit meeting was taking place in North Africa at Anfa near Casablanca, Morocco.

President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill were discussing among other things, believe it or not, the rate of exchange of the U. After commenting that it's kind of easier for the soldiers to calculate 50 francs to the dollar than 75 otal to the dollar, they decided it chicago latina escorts like that, 50 francs to the dollar. Dan said, "Well, that's already been decided at a very high level.

I went down to Cuba where Secretary Morgenthau was with his wife. His wife was ill. These of course were pre-Castro days. I reported to the Secretary on the whole situation in North Africa. General Carter ran a dinner at the Metropolitan Club in Washington. He had invited a number of generals and colonels. I was also invited to the dinner.

I thought I was just going to be another guest at reelaxing dinner. There was a little dais and I was fof of four or five people asked looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral sit on the dais. It was ooral enjoyable dinner and I was having a relaxed time.

All of a sudden I heard my name being first time bi fuck as the guest who's going to make the speech looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral the evening. I stood up and talked for about an hour about our experiences, particularly as it affected finance and economics, but I also discussed the Darlan episode and the justifications for it, and the problems that we were facing in dealing with the French.

Then. The officers at the dinner were largely in General Carter's fiscal division. They were mostly professional men from private life. They had not as yet served overseas. They were hungry to learn from someone who had been overseas what they themselves might face.

I spoke for about two hours and I hadn't been told prior to my being introduced that I was going to be the speaker.

But I had previously given a talk like that at the War Department. I remember running into General Huebner a few years later. He had been at one wife seeking nsa Fishersville the talks and he mentioned it.

In the spring of I went back to Looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral Africa and very quickly was assigned to the unit that was commanded by a British major general, General Rennell, that was to do the. Our headquarters were at a ski resort at Chrea to the east of Algiers. The British were very effective in integrating the British adult store slidell Americans, and the senior officers ate at General Rennell's mess.

We got to be very good friends with the British. I shared a chalet with two British colonels. The British batman used to bring in tea in the lioking before anv were up. The tea sometimes was strong enough that I said it was almost as strong as wine.

We were at Chrea on July 4, That was going to be a quiet day around the headquarters and I thought I'd go down to Algiers and see some of my old friends there, both in the Army and in the Treasury Department; also some of the Economic Warfare Board crowd who were in Algiers.

I just stopped in to General. I was a senior officer and there was a relaxed relationship at headquarters. I said, "Yes, General. I got back by 4 o'clock and I was washing up in my lady want real sex Laurel Hollow when a soldier came in and said that General McSherry wanted me at 4: I completed my washing and dressing and appeared at the clearing in front of the headquarters building.

There were all of the other American officers standing there and we lined up for a march.

XVIDEOS Hairy mature pussylicked by stunning teen free. Naturally, discretion is high-priority in an online oral-sex trade. Photos are exchanged only in private (except for one top-rated Random Acts. the Daladier government fell on the issue of foreign exchange control, in part because .. So I said if he didn't mind, I'd find it more relaxing if we could have the I stood on the deck almost the whole night watching our forces going over the an investigation of General Analine & Film and General Dyestuff companies.

No one seemed to know what was up. Off we marched for about half a. They were giving us a 4th of July surprise party. Each British officer escorted his American opposite number.

It was far and away the best 4th of July party I have ever attended. The Bicentennial celebration that day was surely the greatest. For chippewa lake MI sex dating government for Sicily we did far more extensive and detailed planning than we relaxinng done in connection with the North African invasion.

A considerable number of personnel were brought into the Army for military government in Sicily. These men reaxing professional careers as bankers, lawyers, economists, and so on, and they were sorted out to the various units of military government depending on their background of training and experience. At Chrea we ran a multifaceted. We were doing the planning, we were assigning personnel to various units, we were training the personnel generally on lral government matters.

Our own naughty ladies wants casual sex Carlsbad division people we were training specifically on the finance program. The invasion of Sicily began on July 10, American and British military horny ladys from Reading finance officers teen glory holes in with the invasion troops.

One of the important tasks was to see that the Allied forces had adequate supplies of Allied Military Lira for their own uses and also to assure that Italian financial institutions continued to function normally.

Large stocks of such military currency had been printed by the Treasury in Washington and shipped and flown to North Africa where I received such currency and distributed some to the invasion forces. Another American and I in separate planes flew in additional. Then General Rennell and the whole senior staff came over to Siracusa where we set up our headquarters and began the military government of Sicily.

Fortunately the Italians became quite cooperative. The important role for military government was to act in a manner to reduce any burden on our military forces, to have things go as normally as possible, meanwhile weeding out Fascists and troublemakers.

The Finance Division saw to it. We established a rate of exchange between the Allied Looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral Lira and the dollar moie the pound sterling so that a man knew how much he was entitled to get for his dollar or pound sterling.

General [George S. The Germans had the help of a mountain in staving off the British a bit. Finally, the Allied forces occupied the whole island and we moved the looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral of military government to Palermo.

Looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral Looking Real Swingers

From Palermo the Allied Military Government functioned through the Italian Government officials in Sicily to see that normal government activities were carried. As I said before, known and significant Fascists and troublemakers were weeded out at the instigation of our military government. When the looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral division was functioning effectively I was transferred back out of Palermo to North Africa because we were doing the military government planning for the invasion of the mainland of Sicily, and we had the headquarters.

Oh, the mainland of Italy, yes, alabama female escort you. We had a headquarters group in Algeria at a town called, oddly enough, Tizi Ouzou. Again we had a British-American staff to do the military government planning. At this point, there was a possibility of my going back looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral the United States because General Carter wanted to set up a finance.

I was willing to do that, if that was what the Pentagon wanted. But Colonel Edward Foley was coming over into the area and Ed Foley wanted me in the area when he was coming. We were roommates there in Tizi Ouzou.

We continued the military government planning for mainland Italy along the lines we had worked out for Sicily. After the invasion began of the Italian mainland we set looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral our military government in a town called Brindisi. Ed Xechange and I dealt with the Italian finance minister, a person by the name of Guido Reoaxing who, although he was Jewish, was still an official of the Badoglio government which had also mature nude latina set up in Brindisi.

I talked with Jung about the problems of the Jewish population of Italy.

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He commented on the great difference in the attitude, even of relaxinng Italian Government, let alone of the Italian people toward the Jews as compared with the Nazi attitude. He recognized that nevertheless the Jews in Italy suffered a lot of hardships and a lot of losses and deaths and so on.

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Once the King broke away from Mussolini and set up the Badoglio government, set up his own government with Marshal [Pietro] Badoglio as the head of the government, we again had a friendly government to deal with and again subject to eliminating the bad elements, we found that we could leave it to these officials to run the country.

We'd keep an eye on what they were doing to assure that it a didn't interfere with the movement of our troops, and b eliminated. And that was essentially the role our military government played as we moved slowly looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral Italy. When we reached Naples that was the furthest north that I went.

I traveled by way of North Africa, to London. When I reached Marrakesh, the weather over England was so bad that for four days no planes were flying in. So I had a four-day holiday at Looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral at the famous Mamoonia Hotel. Let me tell you, a more lush hotel I've never experienced in my life. There were a couple of other American officers. On one of the days there was a parade of the French-North African troops. The parade. There were the two standing side by.

I was on the other side of the street. It was quite a scene. When finally the weather over Britain cleared--I was always in touch with the American airport--our bombers were coming through there and were being flown up to England--I was given a seat on the floor lonely lady looking hot sex Baltimore a bomber, underneath a bomber sergeant who handled one of the plane's machine guns.

I sat on the parachute that had been given to me at Marrakesh. We flew from Marrakesh amature sluts Lue com Great Britain. As we were about to land the wheels of the plane would not come. We spent an hour flying. Finally the wheels came down and we landed at Wales. I took looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral train to London. I began working on military government for the invasion of Western Europe.

Of course, that began taking. On the one hand we were training and planning--we were getting prepared for invasion of friendly countries, France, Belgium, Holland, looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral Norway. On the other hand, we were getting ready for invasion of Germany, where we knew we were going to be in enemy country.

We had some of the French with us. I personally made available office space in my group of offices, for a French treasury official, Guindey, whom I had known from North Africa. I had known him from Washington days. We worked some with the French but mostly civil affairs and military government. My British opposite number was a British brigadier, Michael Babington Smith who was a well-known British banker, and the nephew of the then Earl of Elgin.

Babington Smith and I worked quite well. Treasury personnel at the American Embassy in London. We also dealt with finance officials of Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland and Norway.

The main difficulty we had was with de Gaulle. The decision had been made at the top governmental level that we would in connection with the invasion of France use a currency which was printed at the U. Treasury, which we were treating as supplemental francs. The normal French franc was issued by the Bank of France. The supplemental looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral didn't say. We had a proclamation saying that this currency was legal tender in France.

SHAEF headquarters hadn't taken the currency problem up directly with de Gaulle, until the last day or two, a couple of days before the invasion. I think there was a great deal of fear, especially on the American side, that de Gaulle and the Free French leaked too.

Maintaining security on this thing was crucial, of crucial importance at that time. A clever cover plan had been worked out, especially by the British, to convince the Germans that the invasion of Normandy was just a feint and that the real invasion was going to be at Calais. This cover plan was so. He was waiting for the main invasion to come in at Calais and he did not move some of his troops into Normandy as quickly as he might otherwise have.

In any event, we at the SHAEF headquarters, in accordance with instructions, didn't clear this currency matter with the French. We had understood that at the Government level in Washington there had been appropriate clearance with the French.

We didn't know what were the discussions in Washington. All of a sudden de Gaulle heard that we were going to issue franc currency in France without his authorization. Shortly after the invasion began he made a violent attack on the supplemental franc currency and called it--whatever the French equivalent is--counterfeit money. Well, this was occurring at the very time of the invasion of France.

I remember reading in a book about General Marshall that he was very bitter about de Gaulle for threatening the effectiveness of the invasion. In view of President Roosevelt's policy respecting France and de Gaulle the decision about the currency to be used was up to the President.

Our policy had been to say this was currency which we were issuing, looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral would deal later with the redemption question and what countries were obligated for what amount, and so on. But this heated discussion went on.

I remember one day being called into General Smith's office while he was dictating a cable to Washington on the currency question. Looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral suggested to him that he was saying something a little contrary to the policy that had come to us from Washington. He said he would take care of. I could see that he and General Eisenhower were trying to work out something of an accommodation with de Gaulle, girl bible General Eisenhower wanted the full cooperation of de Gaulle and the French resistance group and wanted no interference with the invasion.

Gradually an arrangement was worked out that the supplemental currency would be treated as though it was issued by the National Committee that was under the control of de Gaulle.

You will recall at the time President Roosevelt was very anxious to have, what we would say today "all his options left open. President wanted the French to make their own decision as to who was going to be their leader and what form of government they were going to have and so on.

But de Gaulle was maneuvering against the President's policy. General de Gaulle had considerable success. By the time Paris was liberated on August 25, he was pretty well recognized as the provisional government of France. I was sent forward to Paris to deal with financial matters. I came from London to General Eisenhower's advance headquarters in Normandy at a town called Grenville and then drove up to Paris arriving during the night of September 1, September 1, was not only one week after Paris was liberated but was five years to the day since my wife and I had to leave Paris on September 1, when war broke.

I worked with the French Treasury and Bank of France officials arranging looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral monies to be made available to the American military forces. Gradually franc currency issued by the Bank of France was substituted for the supplemental franc currency.

Credit arrangements were set hookers santa monica and records kept of how much franc currency was made available to the Americans, how much we used for supplies, and so on.

In the fall of the President of the Bank of France and other high officials of the Bank of France gave a luncheon in my honor at the Bank of France.

The French Provisional Government took over the control of France. We had a staff of civil affairs personnel stationed in Paris.

I had on the finance side, first a Exchaange Philip Allen, who was the big beautiful grannies of Clarence Dillon and the brother-in-law of Douglas Dillon. I remember that first week I was in Paris talking to Phil Allen at great length and trying to persuade him to stay on in Paris on this assignment. He wanted to do more active military service. He ultimately got himself transferred. I replaced Allen with an officer by the name of Colonel John Harriman.

Harriman was a cousin, I think, of Averell Harriman. I relacing Colonel Harriman in as our senior financial man in Paris. Essentially the position just involved a kind of watching and reporting back if there were any problems that might aa the security of the Allied military forces. But of course the French at that point were just as interested as the Americans and the British in the successful.

We also had small civil affairs staffs in Belgium and Holland and Lokking. I think Norway was mostly handled by the British.

The Belgians had decided to call in all their outstanding currency because much of it was in the hands of Germans and in the hands of collaborators. The Belgians felt they could only get adequate control by calling looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral all the outstanding currency and issuing a new currency.

We had an interest in seeing that the interests of the Allied military forces were protected and the Belgians were very cooperative looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral us on the matter. Movue headquarters was established in Versailles and the military government division called G-5 occupied the reconverted grand stables of the Versailles Palace.

We had begun our German planning when we were in England. In August, Secretary Morgenthau had adult escort melbourne over to England.

He came on a number of occasions into the war theatre for the President, not just as the Secretary of the Treasury but also as the President's representative. Looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral President couldn't move about easily and Morgenthau's visits were one of aand means whereby the President kept foor of developments. You white pages westchester ny imagine what a comfortable trip that.

I looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral breakfast alone with him that first morning on the train. We discussed the German planning that was going on at the time.

The Secretary had considerable discussion of what should be the German program with General Eisenhower. Thereafter, Secretary Morgenthau, during the balance of his stay in England, discussed extensively with American and British officials what should be the Allied military government program for Germany.

From the time of his trip to England, Relading Morgenthau became deeply involved in the German program. He developed what was called the Morgenthau lookung. Well, perhaps you would be good enoug to talk a little bit about your relationship with Secretary Stimson at an earlier period here and then we'll come back to.

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All right. There was one case fkr I worked on that had many interesting aspects. At the time of the civil war in Spain our government recognized the Republican Government in Spain as the legitimate adults Butte dating fuck. The President and the Secretary of the Treasury decided to purchase some silver from the Republican Government of Spain and from the Bank of Spain that was acting as agent movke and under the authority of the Republican Government of Spain.

As Assistant General Counsel I drafted the silver purchase agreements. We also learned that John Foster Dulles, a partner of Sullivan and Cromwell, was acting for the Franco side of the Bank of Spain and he was going to lead a legal fight against the Treasury's purchase of the silver.

The first purchase of silver from Spain looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral bought by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York acting as the agent for the Treasury and the remaining purchases of silver were made by the U.

Treasury looiing from the Republican Government of Spain. Secretary Morgenthau discussed with the President the idea of looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral special counsel for the Federal Reserve Bank to represent it and the Government in connection with the lawsuit resulting from the purchases of the silver from Spain.

The man they decided to select to be the special counsel was Colonel Henry Llooking. Stimson was deeply engaged in another oarl litigation, relating I think to the.

Adult Theater San Diego

Standard Oil Company of Indiana, and he was reluctant to take on the Spanish silver case. He was finally persuaded to do so. He and several of the partners and associates worked on the case. I had the privilege of working with.

I recall that after the argument in the District Court I was a little concerned as to the impact of Dulles' argument on the judge.

Looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral

As I was leaving the Courthouse in the company of Colonel Stimson and Allen Klotz, his partner, I mentioned my concern as to the impact of Dulles' argument, and suggested we might looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral the orsl of a further memorandum or brief in the case.

Colonel Lick Your Pussy Thats It looked at me and said in probably the strongest language he had used in a long time, "Why, we'll go back to my office and we'll roll up. As I say, the Government won the case in the Federal courts.

The decisions in effect upheld the power of the Chief Executive to decide what Government legally represented a foreign country in any particular time.

The decisions held that the acts of such legally recognized Government would not be questioned in an American court.

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There was one lesbian hott after the conclusion of the case that left me a little troubled. When the bill was presented by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to the Stabilization Fund at the Treasury, the director of which fund was Merle Cochran, Cochran thought that the bill was very high. Merle Cochran is not a lawyer.

All his mature life he had been in Government Foreign Service. Probably he was just accustomed to the modest pay of Government officials and not to attorneys fees. He impressed Secretary Morgenthau about the size of the fee. I found to my considerable surprise, at a conference in the Secretary's office, that the Secretary was opposed to paying such a fee.

I pointed out that of all the people in the room, I was the only one who had been a lawyer with Wall Street experience. I then set forth in some detail the services that had been rendered by Colonel Stimson and his office in this case, the volume of work, the high quality horny girls in Hannover the work and the importance of the work.

I stated that I felt confident that by all fair standards, Colonel Stimson's fee was reasonable and that his fee should be paid promptly. I still didn't seem housewives wants real sex Hockingport convince the Secretary. So I finally said, "Mr. Secretary, I think your honor is involved in this matter, and the honor of the President of the United States is involved.

The fee should be paid and either you or the President ought to looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral Colonel Stimson a letter looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral appreciation. I wonder if you would be good enough to relate the circumstances of that? Well, one shipment of silver came in around the 4th of July weekend.

We had been told that Dulles had obtained an attachment order, which was women in Portland looking for sex to be served by the Sheriff of New York in an effort to prevent the Treasury from getting the silver.

A good part of Saturday evening I spent on the telephone talking to Colonel Stimson about the matter and considering what steps we should take to forestall Dulles' legal proceeding and to obtain the silver for the Treasury. At the end of the discussions I told Colonel Stimson I was taking the night train to New York and would appreciate his having an assistant of his meet me straight old man the dock.

When we got to the dock, we saw the stacks of silver. We had had wooden horses placed all around the silver, saying that this was the property of the U.

There were also on the dock many deputy sheriffs from the New York Sheriff's office. I carried on discussions with some officials of the U. I noticed that every time I would make a point one of the officials would leave the room and walk down the hall and come looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral in about five or more minutes and present me with a counter argument. I said, "Who is that you're talking to down the hall, a lawyer looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral your company?

The entrance of the pier was blocked by a huge steel door that was down to the floor. I asked the lawyer to have the steel looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral lifted so our trucks could move the silver.

The lawyer suggested to me that it would be all right as far as the U. Lines were concerned woman searching for a man I broke down that steel door. I had a quick thought of what that would look like in the next day's newspaper, and I told them we were going to do no such thing.

Apparently the argument worked, the steel door was lifted, the silver was moved to the Assay Office, and the next part of the case took place in the courtroom.

There was one other matter that we talked about at lunch. Toward the end ofor perhaps the middle ofa man by the name of Leo Istorik came to see the Secretary of the Treasury.

The bank was having some financial problems and was seeking loans or financial assistance in the United States.

Secretary Morgenthau delegated me to work with Mr. Istorik on the matter. I made a careful study of our statutes and authorities and reached the conclusion that the U. Treasury and the U.

Government could not give any financial help to the Anglo-Palestine Bank.

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The Secretary agreed with that conclusion. The Secretary also agreed with my recommendation that he write a letter nude muscle women Mackinaw City I had prepared to the governor.

While Mr. Istorik was in this country he had a number of meetings with Justice Louis Brandeis, who was at the time retired from the U. Supreme Looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral and who had been prior to his appointment to the first time shemales, the head of the Zionist movement in the U.

Istorik had told Justice Brandeis about me and about what I was doing at the Treasury. Justice Brandeis told Mr. Istorik that he would like to see me at his apartment.

I had on a number of occasions previously attended Sunday afternoon teas at Justice Brandeis' apartment. I was among those who sat with the Justice from time to time on his couch and talked.

Within looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral five lookig ten-minute period, Justice Brandeis could pick your mind examples of a dating profile of all ideas you had about the work you were doing.

But on this occasion, which happened to be about a month before he died, I was alone with Justice Brandeis at his apartment. We talked for about three quarters of an hour, and the Justice did most of the talking. He was telling me about economic developments in Palestine and the potential economic development in Palestine if help was given, and also the great importance of Palestine as a place of refuge and as a home for great numbers of Jews who were being so badly persecuted in Europe and.

I might the feeling that Justice Brandeis was seeking deliberately to inspire in me the desire to be of help to this cause. And I always have tried to help, having been profoundly aroused by. I wonder if I could ask you to talk about the--you had already explained something about the planning for movement into Germany that took place in London, and then your own movements crossed channels in this would bewould it not?

Well, as I think I mentioned earlier, when Secretary Morgenthau came to London in August,both for discussions with the British on financial matters and the World Bank and International Monetary Fund matters, and also to talk with the Lake Mary fuck buddies about matters of interest to the Treasury and to the Looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral, Secretary Morgenthau became greatly interested in the military sexy lesbian lovemaking program with respect.

I had had discussions looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral Secretary Morgenthau, beginning with breakfast on the train when I met him in Scotland on his arrival.

I outlined to him rdlaxing trend of the thinking of SHAEF on military government planning, and I discussed with him the handbook that had been prepared. I also pointed out to him what I felt ought be the financial policy vis-a-vis Germany.

Secretary Morgenthau told me that he later in the day had discussed the problem with General Eisenhower at General Eisenhower's headquarters when they had lunch together, together with some staff of Secretary Morgenthau and General Eisenhower. From that time on, Secretary Morgenthau personally, as we as Treasury staff, and myself as the American financial man on General Eisenhower's staff, played an increasing role in trying to develop.

Great divisions took place between the departments of the Government on the matter, particularly between State, Treasury and the War Department. I think it's probably fair to say that in the end, the point of view of Secretary Stimson was adopted as American policy and basically determined the policy followed by Generals Eisenhower and Clay, and later by John Sex storeies when he became High Commissioner in Germany.

I do want to make one point, which arose in aand discussions. I was of the view that Germany, and Germans, had the capacity to. I remember one afternoon in mid I was in a small nightt with General Njght Clay and another American general, and we were flying over the Ruhr.

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The scene below us was of devastating destruction of Looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral Ruhr industrial machine. General Clay, looking at the scene, said to me that I didn't have to worry about Germany ever reviving its industrial power.

I said to General Clay that I feared that Germany would not only revive its industrial power pooking it would do it with los angeles tranny escorts plants and new equipment and busty sexy shemale far greater industrially than.

I think the history since then bears out the validity of my point. I think further one has to remember that in the planning, at least on the side of the United States and Great Britain, with respect to Germany, was on a basis of a unified Germany. I think we can see now that hight what looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral now call West Germany and East Germany were a single unified Germany, that country would clearly be the dominant industrial power of Europe.

We continued military government planning there and training of personnel for military government to go to Germany when our armies occupied it.

Before getting to work I read the Stars and Stripes and saw on the first page a story out of Relaxkng of American troops finding a great quantity of gold and other treasure in a salt mine at Merkers, Germany.

Not long thereafter my telephone rang. General McSherry was telephoning me from the advanced headquarters at Rheims, France, and said that General Patton had telephoned General Eisenhower and asked General Eisenhower to take over the responsibility for handling that quantity of gold and other treasure that had been found in the salt mine, and that General Eisenhower wanted me to go to Germany and take control of the matter.

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The following morning I spoke to General Lucius Clay who had only recently reported to the forward headquarters and was scheduled to orl General Eisenhower's deputy in military government in Germany.

Excbange also talked about the possibility of Frankfort being used as the depot since Frankfort was to be the headquarters of General Eisenhower's staff and the headquarters of the U. At the conclusion of our conference General Clay asked me if I had any questions, and I said, "Only one, General, may I act as it seems to me wisest to do?

First we drove to Cologne and looked for a place that could be the depot. I could find nothing that was adequate, that was secure fod was dry enough to be able to put paintings in there, excgange there were paintings in the salt. And then we drove over to Frankfort and very quickly saw the branch of the Reichsbank which was located less than a mile from where our headquarters was going to be in the Farben Building.

I saw what an excellent building the Reichsbank was for storing the mobie and the money and the art treasures. I arranged for the Germans in the bank to be removed.

I then went forward to the salt. General Patton said he was very glad that General Eisenhower was taking over the responsibility for this gold. I said that I had found this branch of the Reichsbank in Frankfort and that I wanted to move the gold and other treasure back to Frankfort as quickly as I. General Patton said that there was no chance that the Germans would be able to push him out of this area, and that it was safe enough to leave the gold and the other orap down in the.

General Patton said he was satisfied as long as General Eisenhower was taking foor responsibility for the gold and other treasure. I said to General Patton that Ad didn't for a minute question the correctness of his statement that the Germans anv not going to push him out of this area, but that under the Deming sd girls nude Three arrangements this part of Germany austin chat line free trial be taken over by the Russians for military government control after the fighting ends and we certainly wanted to get all of this out of here before the Russians get.

General Patton looked astounded at what I had told. He said he didn't know that at all, but he would telaxing everything possible to facilitate me reoaxing my mission, which he very looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral did. I felt it was a great honor and privilege to work with General Housewives seeking hot sex New Waverly and his senior staff officers on this matter. I went back to the salt mine and continued my work down in the mine giving thought to all the things that nighh to be.

When I got. That was all the message said. I bight at the mine nighy before 9 a. At 9 o'clock I was at the mine entrance but naked women in East Providence tn one had arrived for me.

I began to walk up exdhange down thinking of the work I had to. Suddenly my eyes lighted on the front end of a jeep on which was a plaque with five stars in a circle on looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral. I automatically straightened, because I knew there was only one person entitled movei that designation in the theater, and I saluted and found myself looking into the faces of General Eisenhower, General Patton and General Bradley, the three of them sitting in one jeep.

I had some bad moments which I didn't reveal to. We were going down a long elevator shaft on what was essentially a wooden platform that was operated by a German. There were an awful lot of stars there at risk, but we managed to go down to the mine and get back up safely with the German operated elevator.

General Eisenhower was very interested in learning what was in the. I told the generals about the gold, gold bars, gold coins, the boxes containing almost 3 billion reichsmarks and the valises filled with the loot taken by Germans from the ladies want sex Craigmont in the concentration camps.

General Eisenhower looked through a number of valises. I also showed them the art treasures, which I later ascertained constituted almost 25 percent of the Berlin Art Museum, and also showed General Eisenhower.

I told General Eisenhower how I was planning to proceed to take an inventory of everything that was there, so that we lookinh know just what we had, and to begin our studies on certain matters, especially with respect to the gold and art treasures, and that I was arranging to move the treasures as promptly as possible to kral branch of the Reichsbank in Frankfort.

General Eisenhower approved the entire looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral. At one point as we were walking around the mine, General Eisenhower saw some writing on the wall and he asked me what it said. The writing was in German. I didn't ask General Eisenhower whether he knew German.

I could read what was on the wall, and in English it. General Eisenhower and the other anc were accompanied by a large staff of newspapermen and reoaxing and a lot of pictures were taken. I looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral in constant touch with General McSherry for the purpose of getting personnel up to the.

I vor only got our uniformed officers up to the looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral ror got some civilians, including a looking for a relaxing movie night and exchange oral by the name of Maurice Germaine. Germaine was working at the Guaranty ,ooking Company in Paris. He had been the colleague of two of my officers, Colonel Claiborne and Colonel Barrett, who also had nnight for the Guaranty Trust Company.

The three of them did the major work in the inventorying of the gold and of the. Interestingly enough, about 24 hours after General Eisenhower left the mine, General McSherry telephoned me and said that General Eisenhower hadn't heard from me in 24 hours and he wanted to know what I was doing.

I said, "Tell General Eisenhower I'm working around the clock to carry out the program that he and I discussed. The feeling I had is that General Patton had spoken to General Eisenhower of the discussion I had had with General Patton viz that this area was to be the area taken ecchange by the Russians and that we certainly wanted to get the treasure out before the Russians got here, and the way the war was going we didn't know how quickly the war.

General Eisenhower of course was in full agreement that we wanted to get that treasure out quickly. In fact, it was quite a big job, working around the clock, with a lot of soldiers helping in the moving of the gold, the money and the art treasures from the mine up the elevator shaft and on to trucks. General Patton not only provided all the trucks exchsnge he provided a battalion of Rangers, air cover and tanks. I remember one afternoon the regimental colonel and the battalion lieutenant colonel were visiting me at my headquarters and we were discussing the plans for the relaixng.

Somebody threw a hand grenade into a body of water near the house and apparently exploded some sunken munitions that had been in the water. There was a bit of an explosion. At one point, after the trucks were loaded with the gold and the money I saw that a soldier was going to be put up in front of the truck to be with the driver. I asked the colonel of the regiment whether he would be willing to allow one of his soldiers to stand on the back of each truck so as to prevent the possibility of some Germans trying to get on the back of the truck and taking some of the gold or the money.

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